Therapy From the Heart, Inc. (TFTH) is a nonprofit organization that was created in 2013, with a mission to help provide access to essential therapy services for children with special needs. For a child with special needs, the addition of services such as Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy can be life-changing. Through TFTH, these services are tailored individually to each client, to address their skill deficits and capitalize on their strengths. TFTH aims to assist in providing services to children ages 0-21, and the professionals who work with each child work cohesively as a team to ensure each client has continuity in therapy, school, and at home. Unfortunately, the cost of these therapies can be too much to bear for families who are uninsured, or under insured. The creators of TFTH recognize how heart-breaking it can be for a parent who, due to financial restraints, is unable to access the services their child needs. TFTH funds are utilized exclusively for assistance with copays, deductibles, co-insurance, and/or to offset the costs of services that are uncovered. A family who is awarded a TFTH scholarship is provided with the best opportunity for their child to reach their maximum potential and achieve a greatly improved quality of life.